weltgewandt. Institute for Intercultural Political Education is a non-governemental organisation which aims to provide citizenship education and information on political, economic and social issues for everyone. weltgewandt („open to the world”) focuses on a) making current developments in politics, economy and society understood, b) fostering an awareness of what democracy is and which values are needed to keep it running and c) encouraging citizens to actively participate in social life. Taking the existing plurality of modern societies into consideration, weltgewandt also strengthens d) the dialogue between people of different cultures, social contexts, generations and life-styles. The focus lays on both the ‘big picture’ of society (or ”the world”) and the life context in which individuals act.

The organisation acts in a residential area in the East of Berlin (Marzahn-Hellersdorf) in which structural unemployment is widely spread. It also became a place of diversity where people from different cultures live. weltgewandt cooperates within different local networks of initiatives and public authorities promoting respect, tolerance, human rights and non-violent conflict solving.

EDUcentrum is a non-profit organization, whose aim is to support unconventional and innovative forms of education, foster motivation for lifelong learning, increase adaptability and promote active attitude towards further education across various age, social and professional target groups. Hence the main activities comprise implementation of innovative methodologies, use of ICT in education, creation of tools for distance and blended learning, creation of materials for trainers and learners, creation of didactic tools to facilitate application of new methodologies or creation of testing and comparative tools for progress evaluation of learners. We provide support to gifted and talented pupils´ teachers and parents and develop strategies for them. We also strive to support employability and entrepreneurship with focus on social entrepreneurship.

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation (Peipsi CTC) is a non-profit organization and works since 1994 with environmental and global education, regional development and cross border cooperation issues in the Estonian-Russian border region / transboundary Lake Peipsi area.

Core part of the activities takes place in the Estonian-Russian border region but our development cooperation projects are being implemented in South Caucasus, Central Asian and Eastern Neighborhood countries. We organize research and small community investment projects, scientific conferences, summer universities, publications, campaigns – mainly in transboundary water management, global education, nature and cultural heritage fields.

Peipsi CTC has also very solid experience in participating and being also lead partner of different EU/international projects (EU 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Programme, Interreg, ENP, UNDP, and other projects).

Peipsi CTC team has been lecturing on international project management in different Estonian universities. We have organized numerous teacher’s workshops on global and environmental education methods.

We are member of the global Living Lakes network, Global Water Partnership, founding member of Tartu Environmental Education Centre and the Roundtable for Development cooperation.

Established in 2011, Kairos Europe is a London based company promoting international education and training. We are dedicated to implementing programmes fostering cooperation and inter-cultural exchanges between European countries. Our mission is to provide quality training opportunities for learners of all ages, to help build on their skills and knowledge, nurturing positive life changes as well as improving career prospects. We have contributed to the promotion and implementation of several international projects within the framework of established European Programmes.

Our main areas of expertise are:

-Training for professionals in the education sector under the KA1 Staff Mobility: these courses focus on languages, digital classrooms, new teaching methodologies, promoting integration and equality; </br>

-Welcoming and organizing high standard work experience in London, for students participating in transnational mobility projects under the Erasmus Plus, PON and other programmes. </br>

-English Courses, through partnerships with numerous UK based language schools. </br>

-Consulting on European Programmes Funding Procedures.</br>