Creative Approaches to Economic Literacy

Erasmus+ Partnership for Adult Education

This project brings 4 organisations from East, West and Central Europe together to exchange good practises in economic learning by combining a) creative approaches of civic education, b) economic issues such as labour market and employability, money, management skills for life, environmental economics, consumer behaviour and c) a European perspective on recent macro-economic developments. In order to allow a democratic learning, partners seek to reflect these questions in a multi-perspective way taking different economic “schools” into consideration.

As project’s result, the consortium produces teaching material to be applied in adult and citizenship education.

Economic Literacy live

Representatives of weltgewandt e.V. and the partner organisations EDUcentrum (CZ), Peipsi CTC (EE) and Kairos Europe (UK) met each other in Berlin from 15th to 17th February 2018 and continued working on the project results. We create teaching material on digitisation in the workplace / work 4.0. Soon online!

Artificial Intelligence and Robots: Paradise Conditions at the Price of Submission?

During our project on Economic Literacy we also focus on the digitalisation of economy, often called „industry 4.0“ or „work 4.0“. Our public discussion event with colleagues from the partner’s countries helped structuring a broad and complex theme. We discussed chances and challenges and the need of democracy to combine new opportunities with growing welfare for all. An inspiring exchange!